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As NDT consultants, Pierrepont Analysis works closely with clients advising them on a variety of matters including how to integrate effective repetitive NDT into production lines and how to make complex composite structures accessible for NDT. Clients have included Gurit and the British America's Cup team. 

Pierrepont Analysis can provide advice on the next stage after NDT, and have strong connections and relationships with structural engineers and repair companies.


Consultancy includes:

  • Research projects e.g. validating materials, construction methods, improving part quality.

  • Advice on materials and construction techniques. 

  • NDT strategies for new builds.

  • NDT procedure writing.

  • Advice on other NDT methods not directly employed by Pierrepont Analysis (if there is a better solution, this will be recommended).

Pierrepont Analysis has extensive experience in providing training for companies on NDT methods for various applications.


Clients have included large wind turbine manufacturers, aircraft component manufactures and composite material manufacturers, and the consultancy and training has included identifying the most effective inspection method, writing and providing comprehensive NDT procedures, and the training and support of staff members. 

Please contact us to talk about how we can provide bespoke consultancy or training suited to your business

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