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Pierrepont Analysis routinely inspect composite structures during the build process, primarily so that any defects can be assessed and repaired in a cost effective location, but also to provide an accurate record of a structure's build which can be used as a reference in future inspections. In-manufacture inspections include:


  • Advice on the build of critical areas of composite structures so they are accessible for future NDT 

  • Advice on the design and manufacture of calibration panels

  • Writing comprehensive in-manufacture NDT procedures



  • NDT of parts in component form before any bonding into larger structures, allowing identification of general quality and any defects.

  • NDT of parts at the build stages e.g. inspection of skin quality before bonding to core materials.

  • NDT of thick laminates where several cure cycles are needed to inspect the separate stack quality and also the secondary bonds between the stacks. 



  • NDT and evaluation of the quality of a finished structure. 


Pierrepont Analysis is very experienced in damage inspections and has in-depth knowledge of how and where composites and structures typically break.  Examples include impact damage, yacht groundings, rigging failures and lightning strikes. 

We regularly work for insurance companies, structural engineers, builders, boat owners and teams, and are highly knowledgeable of repair processes.

From the inspection, damaged areas are accurately identified using a combination of NDT methods and are mapped on the surface. During an inspection, the remaining structure can be given the all clear. 

Our technical report will provide the required information for repair quotes and engineers to write repair specifications.

We can recommend good repair companies and structural engineers, and regularly undertake inspections of structures after repair to validate them.  


In-service inspections can provide reassurance of a structure's quality, monitor its general health, and importantly be preventative in identifying any minor anomalies before they can propagate and become more serious.

In-service inspections include:

  • Regular (e.g. annual / bi-annual) inspections to monitor the general quality of a structure

  • Monitoring of any in-built defects 

  • Post-race inspections of yachts


We work regularly with insurance companies and are therefore very familiar with their requirements of NDT and corresponding technical reports.

We have extensive experience of damage and in-service inspections for insurance purposes, and can recommend good repair companies and structural engineers, and regularly undertake inspections of structures after repair to revalidate them. 


Pierrepont Analysis has been carrying out pre-purchase inspections on yachts for over a decade and understand the anxieties involved in the purchase process. Depending on the client's needs, we can provide full NDT of mast, rig, rigging, hull, deck, structure, rudders and appendages, or inspect specific areas that are of concern. As with all inspections a technical report will be promptly provided, outlining the general quality of the structure/s inspected, and analysing and evaluating any defects/anomalies identified through NDT. 

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